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Betty’s granddaughter called me to ask if I could help Betty move from her home of 35 years into an Assisted Living one bedroom apartment.  Betty was having trouble getting around, she was using a walker but there wasn’t an easy path through her house.  Her granddaughter explained that Betty was stuck- she felt she couldn’t move because she didn’t know where to start to get rid of her possessions, she didn’t know what to take to the new apartment and she didn’t want to burden her family leaving them with all her things.

I met with Betty and her granddaughter. We agreed the most important step was for Betty to be safe and comfortable in her new apartment. I drew a floor plan of the new apartment based on measurements I took of new living space. Together, Betty and I choose which furniture pieces she wanted with her, along with the items that were important for Betty to feel “at home”.

She choose a moving company, from three I recommended. The day before the move Betty went to stay with her granddaughter. I supervised the moving packers and organized the furniture that would be moved. The next day, bright and early I met the movers at the house to load Betty’s things onto the truck.  We arrived at the assisted living facility. The moving company unloaded all Betty’s things into the apartment, placing furniture according to the floor plan. Then my job began: I unpacked all the boxes, hanging the clothes in the closet, placing books and shelves, unpacking the kitchen items, hanging the art work and photos, and making the bed. The one new gift Betty gave herself was new bed spread we choose before the move.

Betty and her granddaughter arrived later that same day to find her new home with all her familiar things around her and NO BOXES. Both ladies were so appreciative. I had relieved them of the stress and made the move fun. They had a wonderful visit together. Betty said ‘It was like on TV when she came in and saw all her things so nicely arranged. She didn’t know they could look so good! It was worth every penny to not burden her family with her move.”

Note: the house was cleaned out in two days with many items going to Betty’s church thrift store. It was then thoroughly cleaned, small repairs made and a bit of landscaping done. The house sold quickly for asking price.


Dear Beth,

"Not once, but twice Beth's assistance and expertise 'saved the day' for our family with two very different but equally difficult moves.

The first was the relocation my husband, our fourth son who had not yet finished high school, and me from an antiquated 22 room Queen Anne Victorian, which was filled to the brim with furniture, books, art, china, family 'treasures' and memorabilia, and, most daunting of all, innumerable pieces of equipment and supplies for sports, electronic experiments, ceramics, art, music, weaving and sewing. We were moving to a 1000 sq. foot modern split level.

I do not know what we would have done without Beth's skill in organizing.  She was unfazed. There are many people who, though highly organized, work in a way reminiscent of a drill sergeant. Nothing could be further from Beth's approach. Faced with a seemingly impossible task, she calmly managed to create order out of chaos, her patience and good humor never once deserting her.

The second challenging move was a few years later, and took place on the 'way upper' east side of Yorkville, in New York City. It was my task to vacate the second floor walk-up apartment of my 84 year old father's dear, widowed 80 year old sister who, like him, had escaped in the early twenties, from Hungary.  She was an artist whose beautiful ceramics and perfectly sewn felt wall hangings had been exhibited in many fine galleries in the city, even in her beloved Lincoln Center.

What only her successful lawyer husband knew was that this lovely person was a hoarder. Her apartment was filled, waist high and beyond, with stacks and stashes of old magazines, papers, boxes of all sizes whose contents varied widely from fine works of art, to plastic bags and old clothing. There were narrow passageways leading past the kitchen to a bedroom.

And, once again, Beth was a marvel. The care needed to separate my Aunt Rozsika's artwork, her ceramic bowls, her paintings and drawings and the other treasures buried in the piles could well have been overwhelming. And, once again, all Beth's remarkable personal and organizational abilities 'saved the day'.

Our family will be forever grateful."