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Estate Liquidation

readstory.jpgThe death of a loved one leaves us grief stricken and mourning in different ways. Tending to family and your own emotions are at the top of your mind, as they should be. The last thing any one of us is planning or thinking about in such times is what to do with the home and all the personal possesions left behind. Personal possessions of loved ones who have passed on tend to carry a range of emotional value for different members of the family.

Adequate time should be allowed to make sure each family member has time to decide what is meaningful to them. After your family has decided what items will be kept we'll develop a plan, with you, to go through all remaining items and provide guidance and assistance on how best to gift, sell, donate or discard what you don't wish to keep.  

When the family decisions have been made. We arrange the Estate Sale to liquidate the remaining possessions and provide cash for their value. Our team prepares the home for sale making any repairs, cleaning, staging for a quicker sale at the best price.

Selling a family home to which there is deep emotional connection is stressful. Our team at Your Home, Again is here to minimize the stress of such an emotional transaction. We'll research real estate agents to meet with you and manage the entire process, from listing to closing, so you can focus on other matters.

And as always, we'll be right there with you to help make it a smooth transition with compassion and care.

Some jobs seem daunting. This homeowner, a very intelligent, creative and full-of-life woman, suddenly died.  What no one realized was how sick she had been for some time.  Her son called us to help him clear out his Mom's home.

He had no idea where to start. We needed to sift through all the items to find important papers among the trash. She was a very stylish woman with many clothes, from several eras. The thrift shop welcomed all the donations. The craft supplies went to a local after-school program for underprivileged children.

Most importantly, her son wanted to find and save her original poems and photography.  When all was cleared and cleaned, the house was ready for the market.